This sounds like a natural match that was meant to be made. Maybe it will go down in history like when H.B. Reese brought two ingredients together to create his Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Time will tell. For now, things are just getting started for a new local beer that will see a Bitterroot hops farm teaming up with Imagine Nation Brewing.

It basically works like this....... Bell Crossing Farm is trying to expand their hops business, Imagine Nation Brewing is looking for ingredients to produce a beer for the fall, and the Community Food and Agriculture Coalition (CFAC) brought the two together as part of their mission of supporting farmers and agriculture.

A KPAX article quotes CVAC Communications Director Jenny Zaso as saying “This part of Montana is really tough for beginning farmers and ranchers to get these businesses off the ground to access land and start farming and so our mission is focused on supporting the farmers to give them a leg up to start this business.”

You might have heard that Imagine Nation closed for the winter - and they did - but that applies to having customers on-site in the taproom. They're still making beer, as well as offering take-out and delivery services. You gotta love that!

So when will we get to taste this brand new beer? Well, Imagine Nation started brewing Homegrown Farm Fresh Pale Ale this week using those Crossing Farm hops. The plan is to be canning in early November and have it available at the brewery, the Good Food Store, and Warden's Market. And to make things come full circle, proceeds will go back to the CFAC organization to help with their programs.

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