You've probably seen the recent stories that have been making headlines with black bears around Missoula.  Maybe you've thought how cute & cuddly those bears look as they get into mischief.

It probably wouldn't be quite as funny if you happened to stumble upon one of those bears rummaging through your car.  You could be left with quite a bill for interior work if they decided to do some damage to the inside of your vehicle.

This video shows how easy it is for a bear to get into a car.  Watch as it uses its paw to open the door and then hops inside.  The bear finds a snack before moving - no doubt in search of more food.

If burglars aren't reason enough for you to lock your doors.......maybe bears will do the trick.  Not sure I would like to jump into my vehicle and find one of these guys taking a nap in the back seat.

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