Please excuse any "glitches" you may hear on 94.9 KYSS-FMOver the weekend a brand new central computer system was installed at the radio station.  Basically, we had a new "brain" put in.  These computers are where music, commercials, promos, sound effects, and other audio is stored and played back on 94.9 KYSS-FM and our sister stations.


Along with the new equipment came a few new "glitches".  And believe me, these new servers do not discriminate.  In fact the system decided to "lock out" Craig & Al this morning, which is why they came on a little late.  Maybe it didn't understand that keeping the #1 rated morning show in Western Montana from going on the air wasn't a good idea.  It will learn.

Please bear with us if you hear something unusual like two songs playing at once.  We are working hard to teach (correct and re-program) our new "brain" to work correctly.

If you have any questions or comments please drop me a line.

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