Wow! There was some serious winning with halftime contests at college basketball games this weekend!

An MSU student won over $11k for making a full-court shot in the MSU/Griz game on Saturday. Read the story and watch the video HERE.

In Mississippi, this 84 year-old woman sank a full-court putt to win a new car during the Ole Miss game. That's just your typical, everyday, 94-foot golf shot!

Both of these stories were great!

Which one do you think is a tougher feat? The basketball shot takes the strength to get it all the way across the court while anybody can putt a golf ball. But, the putt has to be executed with just the right precision, or luck, while you can get a little help from the rim and backboard with the basketball shot.

Congrats to both winners for a moment they'll never forget in front of thousands of fans.

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