If it's been a rough week - here's your feel good story to send you into the weekend on a happy note. Cats are mischievous. They're always exploring and it seems like they always find a way to end up where they don't belong. Kind of like young kids - you tell them not to do something and it's pretty much a given that they're going to end up doing it. The same seems to be true with cats.....if there's a place they're not supposed to go.....they'll wind up there before it's all said and done. With that being said, how this little feline ended up where it did is a mystery. I hope it wasn't a situation of someone abandoning it in an unfortunate spot - I'm just going to assume the old saying is true and curiosity got the best of the cat.

AniMeals posted the story on their Facebook page this week after an employee saw the kitten running around at the Orange Street underpass the other night. Next thing you know the furball is trapped inside a grate and there's no way to get the cover off. The Missoula Fire Department had to actually use the jaws of life to open the drain cover and get access to the kitten. First, how great is it that it was an AniMeals employee that found an animal in need? Pretty fitting being a no-kill adoption center - that cat was pretty lucky to have that person find it. And second, the jaws of life....whoa - cool!!

It appears the kitten is doing fine. It looks to be between 6-8 weeks old and they've named it Dusty. It'll be in foster care and then put up for adoption through AniMeals. Look at that cute face - it shouldn't take long to find that little guy a home! Learn more about what AniMeals is all about HERE.

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