Did you know that there are currently 917 Hate Groups being tracked in the United States. Seven groups are being tracked out of the state of Montana. We found this information from the Southern Poverty Law Center. You're probably wondering what groups they are and why they are currently being tracked, here is what we learned.

The American Freedom Party is statewide known for being White Nationalists.

The American Security Rally of Montana is based out of Helena, MT and are Anti-Muslim.

ACT for America is statewide and are Anti-Muslim.

ACT for America out of Whitehall, MT are Anti-Muslim.

Act for America again statewide and are Anti-Muslim (Not sure what the difference between the first statewide ACT for America is).

ACT for America out of Kalispell, MT are Anti-Muslim.

Pioneer Little Europe out of Kalispell, MT are White Nationalists.

While I realize there are hate groups across all parts of the country, this information just made it real for me. My wish would be for people to be able to discuss their beliefs without hate, but obviously that is not the world we currently live in.


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