There are still a few days before school starts and I’m trying to make the best of them. I love school and the normalcy it brings to our life with a set schedule. However, my kids aren’t quite as excited for school to start as I am. So, I’ve put together a list of fun things to do to celebrate the last few days of summer.




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    Water balloon fight

    Water balloons are cheap. The worst thing about water balloons is trying to tie them once they’re filled with water. The joy on your children’s faces and the laughter in their voices let you know that it was totally worth all your time and effort. Just be sure to snap pictures fast, as water balloon fights seem to be quick.

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    Take them out for ice cream

    Nothing says summer like ice cream. What better way to celebrate the end of summer then with one last trip to your favorite ice cream shop?

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    Have a movie marathon

    Stay up late, eat popcorn, drink soda and watch your family’s favorite movies or TV series. It won’t be long and their evenings will be filled with extra curriculars and homework. Celebrate your last few nights of freedom.

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    Go for one last float, hike or bike ride

    Soon enough they will be trapped in a classroom for countless hours, then shipped to one after school activity or another. Why not enjoy a leisure day outdoors?

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    Have a camp out

    Even if it’s in your own backyard, one last night in a sleeping bag in a tent is hard to beat. For a kid sleeping anywhere that’s not their own bed is an adventure, but sleeping in the great outdoors makes it extra special.

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