I don't know if you're starting to see it like I am but the amount of spam and scam texts that I receive just continues to increase. It's still not quite as bad as the calls - but it's definitely more than it used to be. And I'm usually excited when I hear my phone alert me that I have a text.....so it's a bit of a letdown when I check and see that it's a message wanting me to click a link about tracking a package or extending my auto warranty.

It just doesn't stop when it comes to what these people will do to try and get ahold of your money. The Montana Attorney General just recently offered up some tips to all Montanans to help avoid scams.

The bad news is if you're getting spam in the form of text or calls - there's a good chance you'll see the amount increase during the year. From a KPAX story“Scammers are behind on their earnings, they're trying to make up for lost grab from 2020, so they're getting more aggressive and more targeted in the types of phone scams that they are sending to you,” said Giulia Porter with RoboKiller."

That means anything that scammers can attach themselves to - they will - including the additional round of stimulus checks that are expected to be on the way and taxes that are due in just over a month. And with less people answering calls from unknown numbers it's expected that unwanted texts could outnumber the unwanted calls in 2021. And if you think about it.....a call from an unknown number is easily rejected before it's answered while a text is usually opened and seen before the person decides to delete it. At that point the scammers will surely get a percentage of curious people to reply in some way.


If you don't already have one - you might want to look into getting a spam call blocker or text blocker app on your phone. As with all the other warnings that we're constantly being reminded about - if an unsolicited offer seem too good to be true.....it probably is. Be careful!

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