Today we are celebrating the birthday of Alan K! After nearly 20 years of working together, Craig knows all kinds of secrets, facts and random points of interest about Al... Here are 10 of them he's willing to share...

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    That is Al's middle name.

    Photo by Townsquare Media Missoula
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    The One That Got Away

    One of Al's greatest regrets in life is passing up purchasing a mid-60s Sting Ray Corvette on the bad advice of a girlfriend.

    Photo courtesy of Tom Ellis/Flickr
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    Mel Tormé

    Al is a closet fan of this jazz singer.

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    He's Fashionable?

    In the 80s, Al had a permanent! He also wore sport jackets with the sleeves rolled up "Miami Vice-style" and NO socks!!! (Sorry, no picture available... though we're not sure anyone really wants to see that anyway.) And yes, we're considering buying this T-shirt for him.

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    Hatred for Appaloosas

    It might be hard to imagine that an animal lover like Al could dislike any four-legged creatures. However, he used to have Appaloosas and believes them to be the dumbest horses that exist.

    Photo courtesy of Rachel Stelmach/Flickr
  • 6

    Phone Habits

    Al and his wife may be the last people in the country that still have a land line at their home. He does own a cell phone, but if you send him a text message he will charge you 50 cents. Why? Because he is probably also the last person to not have a text messaging plan, so he gets charged per message... and in turn will charge you. Knowing those things now it probably won't surprise you that when he is texting people he doesn't have T9 set up on his phone, so he has to scroll through to each letter.

    Photo courtesy of Chester Paul Sgroi/Flickr
  • 7

    The Bear

    That was Al's nickname when he played football on an eight-man team in South Dakota.

    Photo courtesy of Angel/96.3 The Blaze
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    A Student of The Nuns

    Al attended Catholic school for all 12 years years of his elementary and high school education.

    Photo by Jordan Dawson/Townsquare Media Missoula
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    In the Army, Wow

    He spent his military career in the "hot bed" of St. Bonifacius, Minnesota shoveling snow off of missiles on the Army base.

  • 10

    Before He Was a Radio Star

    Prior to gracing the airwaves with his wit, knowledge and fun-filled personality, Al worked as a machinist.

    Photo by Townsquare Media Missoula