Currently in Missoula the percentage of single men compared to married couples is 48% to 52%. As Montana state grows with more and more singles, the concern is where single women can meet the man of their dreams. 

It's difficult to weed out the places in such a social town! But we've done most of the hard work for you. We've found the most popular places in Missoula of all the others. These singles mingles spots usually consist of schools, online chat rooms, offices, coffee hang-outs, churches, and more.

These are some of our suggestions on the best places in Missoula to meet single men. 


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There's a plethora of weddings each and every summer, and honestly this may be one of the best places to meet that special man. Often times there are receptions following weddings, and that usually leads to dancing. This is the perfect time and place to impress that guy you have your eye on. Talk to the people you don't know. The more social you are with strangers the more that man will probably end up remembering later down the line somewhere in town. Ask them for another dance!


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Caras Park



Especially during the summer. This outdoor attraction in the heart of downtown Missoula is literally swarming with both guys during the warmer months. Especially when one of the many “Fests” are taking place. My advice to the ladies: hang out near the food vendors. Fellas love to eat.


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Family Member Recommendation



Your mom, dad, sister and brother know you better than most. We can't think of anyone better to hook you up! This may not work for everyone, yet some are open to this idea. Just make it clear to your family on what kind of man you are looking for. Bring up a conversation with your family when the time is right. Chat about what you are searching for. Perhaps they might have just the right hunk in mind! Someone who knows someone, who knows someone. Who knows, it might be possible! You'll never know unless you ask.


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Liquid Planet Downtown



The atmosphere of this local coffee shop is perfect to attract a man. Just sit in the couch in the front facing the window near Higgins street. You are bound to see the fella of your dreams walk through that door at any minute. Just do them a favor and don’t look distracted. Leave your book or laptop at home and smile as they walk by. Who knows, they just might order up a cup and return to join you for some conversation!


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No matter your religion, you can find a wide assortment of men through churches around Missoula. Now I wouldn't necessarily recommend that be your only purpose to attend a church. Fact is, you really should be there to worship God. Do, however, attend the social functions outside the normal church service. There might be a bible study class, or perhaps and movie night at someone else's house. Most often single people who regularly attend church have more activities planned than you could possibly comprehend. This could be the place where you strike it rich with wholesome gentlemen.


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The Office



While it may be more trouble than it's worth, work is one recommendation if you can pull it off without making too many waves. Sure there are plenty of men you can meet through your work place. You might be handed a personal card by a client or customer, or maybe a business card may be their way of keeping it discreet. If you are body language savvy then maybe you will pick up on their signals.


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UC Center on Campus



This is a prime spot to meet exciting men who are building toward a better future for themselves. That’s a great characteristic to be looking for when you want to find a man to settle down with. Our college campus is bursting at the seams with a wide variety of fascinating, and well educated guys. You are bound to find a potential study partner if you hang out here long enough. Your best bet: The cafeteria and game room.





As creepy and stalker-ish as this may sound, yes, Facebook is a great source to weed out the losers from the winners in Missoula. Remember, you don’t have to friend them to do some sneaky investigating. Often times people don’t restrict their photos and tidbits of information entirely on this social network to leave you wondering. Just be careful about the information YOU share with them once you strike up some flirty online chatter.


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UM Golf Course



I know, your idea of a good time may not include spending a day out on the greens hitting small balls across an open field, but let me tell you, THIS is where men (good, and often very polite men) hang out during the weekend.


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Jacob's Island Bark Park



Dogs are great people meeters! “Fetch, Ubu, Fetch. Good dog”.