Justice of the Peace Alex Beal set bail at $1 million for 48 year-old Sean Shriner on Monday in Missoula Justice Court for attempted deliberate homicide, assault with a weapon, assault on a minor, and tampering with witnesses.

Deputy County Attorney Jordan Kilby described what happened over the weekend at the couple’s home on Blue Bird Drive., and that the suspect forced the victim to lie about what happened.

“Mr. Shriner fired a gun at his wife and hit her in the shoulder,” began Kilby. “He could have killed her and he’s lucky he did not. Notably, for the court, on the 9-1-1 call Ms. Shriner initially said she had been shot when someone was cleaning a firearm and that the firearm discharged.”

Kilby explained to Judge Beal why she changed her story to authorities once her husband was in custody.

“She told detectives that she thought he was going to get out of jail and kill her, and that’s why she said those things,” she said. “When she realized that he was in jail at least for the weekend so she could get away, she re-contacted the detectives and told them what actually happened, which was that he dry-fired a revolver at her. She told him ‘I can see that that doesn’t have any bullets'. Then, he lifted his other hand and shot with a 9 mm handgun hitting her in the shoulder.”

Kilby also alleged that Shriner assaulted his own three year-old son.

“He also threatened the life of his own three year-old son,” she said. “He put his hands on his three year-old son’s neck. He also dry-fired a revolver at his three year-old son. He is an extreme danger to the victims in this case, your honor. This is not the first time something like this has happened. The victim told detectives about a history of domestic violence.”

Kilby asked for bond of $500,000 to make sure the victims would be protected; however, Judge Beal doubled the bond amount with these comments.

“Having reviewed the affidavit of probable cause, I appreciate the state’s restraint,” he said. “I don’t think that $500,000 is appropriate. I don’t think that there is really any amount of bond that is appropriate in the case. I am obligated to set a bond so I’ll do so at $1 million.”

Shriner was dressed in jail clothing with a hospital gown and a face mask at his Justice Court appearance via video from the Missoula County Jail.


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