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  • $38.75

    Tim Tebow ticket, March 5

    Seize The Deal/Tebow
  • $100

    Global Energy Saver from Satic, Inc., March 2

    Seize The Deal/Satic
  • Up to $160

    Three different massages from Kari and Robin at Claws, March 1

    Seize The Deal/Claws
  • Up to $110

    Three combinations of nails and wax from Shanna at Gelousy Nails, Feb. 29

    Seize The Deal/Shanna
  • $22.50

    One-hour Reiki Session from James V. Fix, Feb. 28

    Seize The Deal/James Fix
  • $34

    Haircut combo from Erica at Cloud 9 Style Studio, Feb. 27

    Seize The Deal/Erica At Cloud 9
  • Up to $88

    Massages from Diana at MierCore, Feb. 23

    Seize The Deal/MierCore
  • $15

    Food and beverages at Smoke Jumpers BBQ, Feb. 24

    Seize The Deal/Smoke Jumpers
  • $162

    nutritional consultation from Optimum Health & Wellness, Feb. 22

  • $15

    A month of belly dance classes at BuddahBelly Dance Studio, Feb. 21

    Seize The Deal/BuddahBelly Dance Studio
  • $45

    Massage from Becci at Bodies in Balance, Feb. 17

    Seize The Deal/Bodies In Balance
  • $10

    Clothes and toys from Walking Stick Toys, Feb. 16

    Seize The Deal/Walking Stick Toys
  • $38

    A two day ski pass from Discovery Ski Area, Feb. 15

    Seize The Deal/Discovery Ski Area
  • $6.50

    Two pitas from Pita Pit, Feb. 14

    Seize The Deal/Pita Pit
  • $40

    10 tanning sessions at Sunshine Factory, Feb. 13

    Seize The Deal/Sunshine Factory
  • $55

    Facial from Kara at The Do Crew Salon, Feb. 10

    Seize The Deal/Kara at Do Crew
  • $5

    Beer and a burger at Missoula Club, Feb. 9

    Seize The Deal/Missoula Club
  • $15

    Products from Oil & Vinegar, Feb. 8

    Seize The Deal/Oil & Vinegar
  • Up to $60

    Manicures/pedicures from Jaclyn at A Kreative Touch, Feb. 7

    Seize The Deal/Kreative Touch