Billy’s Vacation in Mexico!
All I can say is, SO MUCH FUN! Just remember life goes fast and if you don't slow down and enjoy it, it will pass you by. I have a passion for traveling and of course vacation. Here are some of the photos from my amazing trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico...
What Has Been Your Favorite Vacation?
What has been the best vacation you have ever experienced? I'm not talking about those three day weekends in Las Vegas when you end up more tired than before you left. I mean a trip where you actually felt refreshed when returning to work...
Are You Getting Enough Beauty Sleep?
I’ve lost my fair share of sleep being a mother of four boys. Now that they’ve gotten a little older I’m able to get a decent amount of sleep. I still don’t think it’s quite enough to consider the sleep I get beauty sleep, but it is enough.
Does Your Brain Need a Break?
One of my favorite summertime indulgences is simply doing nothing.
Some people might consider it a waste of a day, but to me, there is nothing better than grabbing a towel/blanket/mat/chair, heading to the park or the beach, and just lounging out in the sun...