I’ve lost my fair share of sleep being a mother of four boys. Now that they’ve gotten a little older I’m able to get a decent amount of sleep. I still don’t think it’s quite enough to consider the sleep I get beauty sleep, but it is enough.

The best part of the sleep I get now as compared to when my boys were younger is that it is uninterrupted. In all reality I probably ended up with the same totals hours of sleep, but I was up every couple hours, or up a few times a night because someone was hungry, thirsty or stinky. Now I get six straight hours of glorious comatose sleep.

However, I’m afraid that even my six hours of uninterrupted sleep is not quite enough. The optimal amount of sleep is seven hours. If you don’t get that seven hours, you might be in for a shock as to what it can do to you.

Lack of sleep can cause wrinkles, swollen eyes, dark undereyes, pale skin and even the look of sadness. If these aren’t a good enough reason for you to hit the hay a little early, then I don’t know what is. If you’re a woman, all these effects are terrifying. These are the things that women pay good money to avoid or prolong getting.

I guess the good is that now you know this, you can save a little dough on creams and serums, and just get a little more shut eye. There really is such a thing a beauty sleep.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.