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American’s are Living Longer!
Americans are living longer than ever, but will you actually enjoy your golden years? Unfortunately, this is the time of life when aches and arthritis strike hard! Do yourself a favor and protect your body before retirement with these five easy ways to prevent joint pain!
Delicious Fridge Oatmeal
I have to admit, I have seen a few recipes on this and was skeptical to try it, as I have never been a huge fan of oatmeal. This, however is not your ordinary oatmeal. It is delicious. It keeps the grainy oatmeal texture and doesn’t turn into mush like it does when you cook it. This is super s…
Wal-Mart Products Become Healthier
Great news for the public at at time with New Year's resolutions are underway and many are wanting to drop those holiday pounds, Wal-Mart agrees to reduce salt and sugar in many of their products.