Americans are living longer than ever, but will you actually enjoy your golden years? Unfortunately, this is the time of life when aches and arthritis strike hard! Do yourself a favor and protect your body before retirement with these five easy ways to prevent joint pain!
1. Get plenty of vitamin C.
This powerhouse creates collagen, which is part of cartilage --the precious material that's destroyed by arthritis. Shoot for 75-90 milligrams per-day from oranges, tomatoes and broccoli.
2. Warm-up. Racing to the treadmill may seem enthusiastic, but it increases your risk of injury and soreness. Slowly warm up your muscles with a dynamic stretch.
3. Make a splash.Are you nursing an injury? Take a load off in t

he pool! Swimming is heart-healthy, burns 400 calories per-hour and provides a total body workout.
  4. Perfect your posture. Standing up straight lowers stress on ligaments, makes sure bones and joints are properly aligned, could prevent arthritis and even makes you look thinner!
5. Don't forget about your doctor. Go in for a check-up once a year, tell him or her about any pain you've experienced and ask for tips to avoid injuries. (Source: --Lee)