9 Year Old Takes Dad’s Ferrari for a Spin
A man in southern India is facing charges for letting his young son drive his Ferrari. Mohammed Nisham let the boy drive the car two weeks ago on his 9th birthday, and the five-year-old brother was in the passenger seat. The children's mom filmed the drive and it went viral on YouTube...
Don’t Touch That! Why?
Manufacturers have included technology into the vehicle to be used by the driver and passengers. In some cases all the gizmos have overwhelmed owners.
Rollin’ Down The Road
I just completed a flying road trip to SD and back,covered about 3000 miles in four and a half days. No we did not exceed the speed limit.
Cobra Legend Dies
Just get in, buckle up and hang on. A great last ride. RIP (Ride In Peace) Carroll Shelby.
Five Ford Mustang Secrets
Saturday, May 5th , the Five Valleys Ford Club is holding their annual car show at Bitterroot Motors. The club donates proceeds from the event to local charity. Probably the largest segment of the club is the one made up of Mustang owners...

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