Missoula sure does love Harry Potter. I'm someone who's read and re-read the books since I was a kid and was there on opening night for every single movie - so I know the world pretty well. And yet, when Harry Potter trivia happened this summer at Ogren Park, I was completely outclassed - despite answering almost every single question right. My team didn't even make the top 20, because there were so many teams playing that got perfect scores.

So yeah, Missoula has some deep love for HP - heck, we even named some of our streets after our favorite characters. So I'm betting there's a lot of people who will want to check out An Evening With Harry Potter at Hearts Afire Pottery.

(And before you ask, from what I can gather, "An Evening With Harry Potter" does not mean an intimate night hanging out with Daniel Radcliffe. Yes, I agree, it's very misleading.)

For a $10 registration fee plus the cost of your project, you can create your own Harry Potter item, like an owl, snake, wizard, mug, or plate. You can even paint your favorite Harry Potter house on a canvas.

Plus, they'll have Harry Potter-themed snacks on hand, too - like butterbeer, Hufflepuffs, owl droppings (hopefully that's not what it sounds like), and more. Could we get some Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans or Chocolate Frogs in there? Asking for a friend.

If you want to check it out, all the info is available on their Facebook event page. Will you be going to this one?

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