Glacier National Park is Number 8 out of the Nation's Top 10 National Parks!

"I find it difficult to choose between the three rocky mountain parks: Rocky Mountain, Grand Teton, Glacier. Maybe Glacier is the most wild of the three.The glaciers that carved limestone peaks into steep faces are still present in large numbers, although in diminutive sizes, feeding cascading waterfalls, glistening lakes, and wildflower alpine meadows that together form what is maybe the most beautiful alpine scenery in the country, and certainly the most intact ecosystem. Just a few hundred yards away from a popular trail, mountain goats approached me so closely that I had switch to a wide-angle lens to photograph them."
—QT Long

Fox News enlisted the help of three new National Park experts this year to lend their expertise and experience to our rankings.

Mike Oswald is the author of Your Guide to the National Parks: The Complete Guide to All 58 National Parks. He spent two years exploring and photographing each of the parks, almost exclusively from the luxury of his tent and has hiked, paddled and pedaled thousands of miles across America’s parks.

QT Luong is a photographer who has captured all of the National Parks with a large format camera. He was also featured in the PBS film The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.

John D. Giorgis is the President Emeritus of the National Park Travelers Club, an organization that works to provide networking opportunities for visitors of the National Parks and to expand knowledge and appreciation of the parks.

To compute our rankings, Fox News added their views to the rankings of our existing panelists. We also factored in a couple of crunchy metrics: the biodiversity and range of activities available at each park.

If you think your favorite park should have landed higher on our list—or if you think the ranking is spot on—let us know. Either comment below or tweet at us.

Number 10 - Denali National Park & Preserve
Number 9 - Yosemite National Park
Number 8 - Glacier National Park
Number 7 - Acadia National Park
Number 6 - Olympic National Park
Number 5 - Death Valley National Park
Number 3 - Sequoia National Park
Number 2 - Grand Canyon National Park
Number 1 - Yellowstone National Park