Missoula UPS Drivers Take Pledge
More than 40 local UPS drivers pledged to abstain from texting while behind the wheel in support of our TXTING KILLS MONTANA-Arrive Alive Don't Text and Drive campaign.
Texting Presentation at Loyola H.S.
This is what Shanon Tripp from Loyola H.S. had to say about our visit.
"Thanks to all of you at Townsquare! I've heard nothing but good things from the teachers, parents and students on how great the presentation was!"
Thanks to Loyola for being one of the first schools to get o…
Father Speaks Out On Texting And Driving [AUDIO]
This morning on the Craig & Al morning show we had one of  “those moments”. Our guest was Kenny Kane from Drummond. Kenny is a hard rock miner. He says he’s semi-retired now but his handshake is like a vise and he’s a solid as a mountain. Ke...