Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Wins Fragrance Celebrity of the Year Award
There is nothing that Taylor Swift can't do. The much-decorated, country-pop crossover queen writes hit songs. She acts. She has her own branded line of sneakers. She makes perfumes. She collects awards across all fields. And now, the 'Red' singer was honored with the Fragrance Celebr…
Taylor Swift Preparing to Write Next Album
It will likely take a couple of years, but the writing process for Taylor Swift's follow-up to 'Red' will soon begin. The singer says she's feeling the anxiety that usually signals the start of a creative wave that builds toward a new album.
Taylor Swift Impersonator Attacked
In England, there's an 18-year-old college student who looks like TAYLOR
SWIFT . . . and works part-time as a Taylor Swift IMPERSONATOR. But last week, one of her female classmates BEAT HER UP . . . possibly because she was jealous of how she resembled Taylor Swift...
First 2013 CMT Music Awards Performers Announced
Fans everywhere are looking forward to the 2013 CMT Music Awards, which are coming up in June. The first country music awards show to let fans vote for their favorites, the yearly event also features live performances by some of country's biggest artists -- and this year is no exception.

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