Rail Jam

Ski and Snowboard Tricks to Watch for at Chamberlin Rail Jam
The Chamberlin Rail Jam is finally here! It's time to head down to Caras Park to listen to live DJs and check out the moves of the contestants as they grind their way down the rails. But how do you know which moves to look out for? Which ones are more impressive than others? We've put toge…
Play To Win
We are giving away a pair of tickets to the 2013 Chamberlin Rail Jam. As much as we would just love to give everyone tickets, that is just not possible. So we have left this decision to the next best thing, ‘rock, paper,  scissors.” This seems to be the perfect answer since this yea…
Volunteer at Chamberlin Rail Jam in Missoula
Are you strapped for cash? Or maybe you are just interested to see first-hand how one of Montana's coolest events comes together? Well we have a solution for you! You can volunteer to help with the setting up and tearing down of the 2013 Chamberlin Rail Jam in Missoula.