NASCAR Slaps Kenseth With Major Fine
Oh man did Matt Kenseth ever get slapped by NASCAR.  I guess he had a connecting rod that was underweight. The infraction was discovered in a post race teardown. I don’t know that one connecting rod could make that much difference but NASCAR took it very seriously...
Logano Will Be checking His Six on The Track
Hey NASCAR fans, the boys are it again. Lots of drivers are dogging on Joey Logano. They didn’t like his last lap move that put Denny Hamlin into the wall and after that into the hospital. Hamlin will be out of his car for at least six weeks due to a compression fracture in his back as a resul…
Fast Cat Workout
This morning in the news on the Craig & Al Morning Show we had this story.
The Houston zoo has been borrowing a racetrack - so its pair of cheetahs can stretch their legs. The Zoo does not have the room for Kito and Kiburi to reach their 65mph top speed - so they have been borrowing the nearb…
Racing Lawnmowers On Ice
Growing up where lakes froze several feet thick it was not uncommon to stage some type of competitive racing on the frozen surface.