Montana Grizzlies

Griz Fans Are Loud and Proud
I always love going to the Griz games, the tailgates are a blast and the games are great. Over the weekend the Griz took on Cal Poly and I grabbed some good video of the fans.
I Can’t Believe the Bison Mascot Did This to Me
What a game for Montana, what a day and what a win! Way to go to the Griz team, staff and fans a really stellar performance all the way around. Going to the game was great. I still am in shock over what the Bison mascot did to me when I walked on the field.
Tony Romo Says Missoula Stadium Is Louder Than Seattle
If you are a fan of FCS Football Fans Facebook page then you may have already seen this. Many sports individuals and players have been asked where the loudest place they've played or worked at was. Comes to no surprise that many said Washington Grizzly Stadium including Tony Romo.
Recap of Griz First Scrimmage Under Coach Stitt
This past Saturday at Washington Grizzly Stadium we got our first look at our Grizzly football team preparing for the upcoming season. We have all heard that first year coach Bob Stitt runs a quick paced offense and that was definitely on display...

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