ice fishing

Sub-Zero Cold Can’t Stop Fishing Tourney
We’ve been hearing a lot lately about how cold it is in the Midwest, brutally cold, -50 wind-chill in Bemidji Monday morning. It looks like things are moderating a little today with daytime highs a little closer to zero but still below.
Hillbillies Winter Bar
It's winter and the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota are frozen a couple of feet thick. It's high season for ice fishing but you can't just sit out there all day, you've got to socialize. That's where Hillbillies Ice Hole Bar on a lake just outside Pelican Rapids, MN can fill the b…
Topless Ice Fishing
Now before you go getting any ideas….no it wasn’t that type of topless. The Merland Park Resort on Picton Bay of Lake Ontario conducts an ice fishing tourney each winter and resorts owners Jennifer and Kevin Lavers like to come up with new “challenges” every year...
Spring Ice Fishing In Minnesota
My niece's husband Scott sent me this picture.  He is an avid fisherman and was out early in the season in Minnesota.  And no, the guy in the picture is not walking on water.  And yes, he is fishing from a block of ice in the river.