You Could Win A $500 Gift Card
We’re into Phase 2 of the Dead Elk contest on KYSS FM. Our winner on Phase 1 was James French from out by Plains. Talk about lucky. He’s all set to head out later this week for a 15 day hunt in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.  His son got an elk opening weekend so the freezer is gettin…
Don’t Make These 10 Hunting Mistakes
So you’re all set to go for the big hunting trip for the weekend. You’ve got all your stuff packed; camping equipment, cold weather gear, gun and extra ammo and don’t forget the case of canned chili so you can be well fed. There are several other things not to forget; 10 simple rul…
Bears Are Hunting Too
General big game rifle season opens this Saturday at sunrise. FWP Bear Management Specialist, Jamie Jonkel  says this has been an especially busy fall for grizzly bear activity
One Lucky Lady Fills Her Big Horn Sheep Tag
For the past seven years my husband has paid to put me in the drawing for a big horn sheep tag. The first year he put me in for the drawing, he thought I was a shoe-in. I should have been, because way back then the difference between the number of applicants and the number of tags given out was less…
One Lucky Family Draws Two Amazing Hunting Tags
Just in case everyone in Missoula hasn’t heard yet, my husband drew a mountain goat tag. I’m not sure how there could possibly be anyone left in this town who hasn’t heard, as he has been on the phone nonstop since he found out.

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