Hunters Take Note, Speak Out
Hunters before you settle in for the winter there's a couple things you might want to be aware of coming up. FW&P plans meetings next week that will give you a chance to let them know what you think. Here's the schedule;

Helmville:  Monday, Jan. 6,
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USFS Goes Hi-Tech with Map App
This is going to be handy for anyone who spends time in the woods. The PDF Maps Mobile App, developed by Avenza Systems Inc., is available as a free download from iTunes and the Android Play Store. The app provides access to Forest Service maps, such as motor-vehicle-use maps, which are free while p…
Hunters It’s Your Last Chance
This is the last week for hunters to venture afield to try and put some meat in the freezer.  It’s also the last week for you to make a guess in the World Famous Dead Elk contest.
First Hunting Season
My husband and 12-year-old have been walking all over the hills west of Missoula looking for a buck. The past few weeks of constant searching only to turn up nothing was really getting to my preteen. This is the first year he is old enough to hunt.
Taking My Gun for a Walk
This past weekend I spent many hours taking my gun for a walk. I know to some it may seem like a waste of time, but he had been a really good boy and was just begging me to take him for a walk in the woods.
Sasquatch Hunting in OK
They called 911 and said their friend was shot. The story was that some Oklahoma men were out hunting in the woods in Catoosa OK.

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