Best Maternity Pics Ever
I’m not a huge fan of maternity pictures. I find it very uncomfortable when I go to someone’s house and there are mostly naked pictures of the woman plastered all over the walls to for everyone to see. I think it’s a bit bizarre that someone would want intimate pictures with everyo…
For Women Only
Ladies, do you remember your preteen years? Do you remember those talks you had with your girlfriends? The ones who had older sisters? The talks about the red death? The crimson tide? Aunt Flo?
Fat Wild Kingdom
We have a dog that is a little on the hefty side. She is so large that the vet has told us she needs to lose 20 percent of her weight. This wasn’t a shock to us as her nickname is Moo Moo.
Is it Cat Saturday Yet?
I have to start out by saying that my husband is not a cat lover, in the slightest. However, every Saturday he eagerly awaits the new Cat Saturday posts. He then spends a good half an hour laughing (almost to the point of tears) at cat picture after cat picture.
Old Spice Makes Moms Sad
Although I don’t look much like the moms in this commercial, I am scared that I’m going to turn into one of them soon. I have a 12-year old that is right on the verge of becoming a teenager and I’m absolutely terrified of what is to come. I think mainly because I know that means he…
Trunk Monkey Please? Yes, Thank you
Since we all live in Montana, most of us drive our own vehicles instead of using public transit. It could be because we live a good ways out of town, or because we don’t enjoy riding bikes in Montana’s long winter months. No matter what you drive, or the reason you drive it, vehicle owne…
Hilarious Cellphone Prank
Have you ever been annoyed by someone else’s cellphone conversation in public? Who hasn’t? Of course, I’m sure that I’ve been the one annoying someone else with my conversation too. Pretty much everyone is guilty of this, aren’t they?
All is Right with the World – According to Foot Locker
I’m kind of choosy when it comes to the sports I watch. I don’t like to waste my time watching endless hours of sports. I would much rather play them than watch. Even though I don’t watch a ton of sports, I still know a few famous, or once famous players. Recently Foot Locker creat…
Kmart Goes from Ship My Pants to Big Gas to Jingle Balls
If you loved Kmart’s infamous ship my pants and big gas savings commercials, then you’ll enjoy their new Joe Boxer commercial. The ad begins innocently enough with six young, attractive, men dressed in suits standing behind a table playing Jingle Bells with some very large bells.
What It’s Like to be a Mom
I’ve often wondered if I’m the only mother who feels like they are constantly ordering their kids to do this and that and everything. I feel like from the time I get them up in the morning, until they go to bed at night, that I am constantly trying to make sure they are doing what they n…

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