$295 Million Nap
Have you ever fallen asleep at work? If you haven’t, I’m sure there have been days that you wanted to. Days when it seemed it took all your strength and stamina just to keep your eyes open? One German bank teller gave in to his sleep craving and nodded off during work.
Best Animal Video Ever
Have you ever noticed how different animals eat? It’s interesting if you think about it. For example, a cow simply plants its face in its food and chews away. How about an alligator? What do you think it’s like when an alligator opens its big jaws and just chomps away? That must make qui…
Fact — Beards Make Men Handsome
Science has done it again. Yes, good old science has proven that men with facial hair benefit from instant handsomeness. If this is true, then the guys from Duck Dynasty must be the sexiest men alive.
Goats Yelling Like Humans
Most pet owners are positive that their animals understand them. They often treat their pets like a member or the family. I own three dogs and I am no different.
Gender Role Reversals at the Gym
Being a female my entire life, I have never really understood what goes on in the minds of males. I have gained a little understanding having to live with five males, but I’m afraid I may never really grasp the strange things that testosterone makes them do. I sit back and watch my boys always try t…
True Montana Pole Dancing
Have you ever been to a strip club? Well, I have not. So, I have often wondered what really goes on inside those places. No doubt they are filled with scantily clad ladies twirling their unmentionables and throwing them into a crowd of jeering men...
How People From Other States View Montana
Were you aware that stocking tampons at Walmart is apparently better than living in Montana? Also, no one has a car in Montana, but everyone rides horses and uses carrier pigeons to send mail to family members. Were you also aware that 30 people die every year and are turned into chili for carnivoro…