Sweat it or Forget it
Did you know that there are strict rules on the sale of Gatorade now? You must have a winning attitude and you must be sweating at the time of purchase. It is not to be used to help with hangovers. No exceptions will be made, not even if it’s your birthday.
The Next Fitness Craze is Here
It seems that getting into shape and being healthy is quite popular these days. Locals are doing everything from boot camp in the park to cross fit and Oula to yoga to try to look and feel their best. I myself have tried none of these yet, but people I know who have tried these, just rave about them…
Improve Your Appearance
The first things you do each morning can really set the tone for the day.
If you wake up and do a shot of whiskey … You’re probably not getting off on the right foot.
Fit VS Food
There's an age-old debate about what makes you fat faster – eating bad food or not exercising.

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