Who Is The Most Lovable Holiday Character?
Is it the Easter Bunny? Santa Claus? Who do you think is the most lovable holiday character? A recent survey was done by E-Score and they revealed the most lovable holiday character is in fact the Easter Bunny! Here are the exact results:
Easter Bunny ...
Peeps Milk?
What’s Easter without Peeps? Well now, you can not only eat your Peeps, but you can drink them too. Yes Prairie Farms is debuting a line of Peeps-flavored milks this Spring.
5 Ways to Decorate Eggs This Easter
With Easter popping up this weekend, many of us will be buying cartons upon cartons of eggs to boil and decorate with our families.  For years we have done the same old boring Easter egg kits from the box stores that come with a few piddily little stickers and not so vibrant colors. I don’t know abo…
It’s a Peep Show!!!???
All the peeps fit to eat! Easter always brings out the peeps, those teeth-corroding marshmallow balls of sugar, and there's a ton of peep news to go with it. A Google News search for "peeps" will dump hundreds of stories in your lap, just from the last week or so.
Colorful Crispy Easter Egg Recipe
That’s right folks, spring is here which means Easter is just around the corner. I love Easter. It is one of my favorite holidays.  I love hiding eggs and candy for my kids to find and watching them run all over the place searching for it. I love watching their eyes light up as they find …

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