What is Montana’s Beer Ranking?
Recently, a few brave souls took on the challenge of finding the best microbrews in each state. I know this sounds like a torturous and tedious task, but these men care so much for others that I’m sure they felt it was their duty to take on this task. A public service really.
99 Pack of Beer on the Wall [VIDEO]
Let's do the labor day camping check list. Sunscreen? check! Lawn chair? check! Cooler? check! 99 pack of beer? CHECK! A brewery in Austin Texas has taken the classic drinking song and made it a reality. Taking those 99 beers off the wall and putting them all in one convenient package...
Montana Top Beer Drinking State
Beer consumption has been dropping in this country over the past few years with more and more people moving over to wine, but that trend is not being followed in some states where beer is still being enjoyed in large quantities.

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