6 Great Things About Living in Montana
There are some unique things about living in Montana that you just don’t have living anywhere else. I should know, after all, I have left Montana once or twice. You can trust me when I tell you there is no place on earth like it. That is why every time I have left Montana, I’ve always ch…
Drone Beer Delivery Grounded
It can get cold and dry out there on the ice when the fish aren't biting. Count on some innovative Wisconsinite to come up with an idea to correct that.
Best Beer Bar in Town
My most recent copy of Draft Magazine has compiled their list of the 100 best beer bars in the U.S.
Budweiser’s Best Ads
You don’t have to wait for the Super Bowl to see the best Super Bowl commercial this year. It should be no surprised to learn that the winning ad, in my opinion, once again belongs to Budweiser. They just know how to make a great all American ad to go with one of America’s favorite pasti…
Whale Meal Beer, Right!
Now wait just one darn minute. I'm a firm believer in the old Reinheitsgebot rule of  beer making; water,malt barley,& hops. OK, you can throw in some yeast but that's it. Now there something new from a brewery in Iceland.
Unique Turkey Dinner Recipes
‘Draft’ magazine has come up with a full Thanksgiving Day menu (seven dishes) and beer is a part of every item.  I have some family tradition recipes that I won’t give up but I’m going to try a couple of these.

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