april fools

Recap of April Fool’s Day Pranks
For April Fool's Day this year we saw lots of pranks all over the internet. Whether it was friends saying they were married, having kids, or just about anything else you could think of. The best pranks this year seemed to come from big companies, here is a rundown of the best for 2015...
April Fool’s Jokes!
It’s April Fool’s Day.
Unfortunately, the “holiday” has been taken over by lame pranksters who can do nothing
better than reach for pathetically unfunny jokes.
Here’s a rundown of some sad and tired April Fool’s jokes to avoid:
10 Funny and Possibly Cruel April Fool’s Day Gags
Every year April Fool’s Day sneaks up on me. The day is usually uneventful because I don’t even remember it’s April Fool’s Day until the day is almost over. This year, I am vowing to make a change. I am planning on living April Fool’s Day to the fullest. If you need a l…
Are You Fooling Anyone?
You might wish everything that has been going on at The University of Montana was a really bad April fools prank. To help take your mind off the mess I’ve scoured the web for some of the best April fools pranks. Enjoy!