The Super Bowl is coming up on Sunday (and part of Saturday and Monday, too, if I read my TV schedule right).

As ALWAYS, we let our minds wander back over the memorable ads that often were better than the game itself. There are thousands of “Best Commercial” lists out there. Well, we can do that here in Montana, too.

This year, I’ve decided to mix it up a little. Of course, at the top of the pack, I’m sticking with a winner — the Apple Mac ad from 1984. There is so much that is perfect about this ad.

My sense of humor during a football game tends toward what is called “slapstick” or “dark humor.” Often, there is pain involved in the joke. A few years back, Fed Ex did more for caveman humor with one ad than Geico has ever done with their entire caveman series.

And, for the category “Best Series” of ads, Budweiser has multiple winners. We were in the swamps, up to our necks with the frogs and lizards. We also have the unending Bud Light universe of fun.

Then we come to the football-playing Clydesdale horses. Being a Montanan (where we’ve got lots of horses….and sheep), I’ve chosen a commercial from that series, the “streaker.”

Now, two extras. Another great Fed Ex ad I’d forgotten until I dug into the web last week. The joke is only good if you’ve seen Tom Hanks’ “Castaway” movie.

And, this is an early look at one of the goodies from this year’s game. Audi has jumped onto the vampire bandwagon with this commercial about a guy late for the “kegger.”

Enjoy the game…and the commercials!

And if you feel the need to watch a few more to get you ready for the Big Game, here you are.


Steve Fullerton is the news and program director for KLYQ Hamilton.