Coke’s Amazing Parent Commercial
I’ve never seen a commercial that perfectly describes parenthood like this one does. In a short 60 seconds it manages to capture the essence of daily life for parents. Somehow it manages to embody the joys, frustrations, sleeplessness, clutter, pain, dog-food eating and chaos that is parenting…
All is Right with the World – According to Foot Locker
I’m kind of choosy when it comes to the sports I watch. I don’t like to waste my time watching endless hours of sports. I would much rather play them than watch. Even though I don’t watch a ton of sports, I still know a few famous, or once famous players. Recently Foot Locker creat…
Kmart Goes from Ship My Pants to Big Gas to Jingle Balls
If you loved Kmart’s infamous ship my pants and big gas savings commercials, then you’ll enjoy their new Joe Boxer commercial. The ad begins innocently enough with six young, attractive, men dressed in suits standing behind a table playing Jingle Bells with some very large bells.
Best Super Bowl Commercials
There was only one winner this past Sunday. It looked like the game was going to be a blow out for the Baltimore Ravens, that is until the power went out. The Ravens seemed to fall asleep when the stadium went dark.
Super Bowl Ads – Our Top Picks
The Super Bowl is coming up on Sunday (and part of Saturday and Monday, too, if I read my TV schedule right).
As ALWAYS, we let our minds wander back over the memorable ads that often were better than the game itself. There are thousands of “Best Commercial” lists out there...