The romance is over. After weeks of gas prices under the $3 mark, the Montana average jumped a mere seven-tenths of a cent to leap back over that precious three dollar threshold.

Last weeks price jump was more substantial, however, at the time, Montana seemed to be the only state in the Rocky Mountain region to be suffering from a price increase. Now it is clear that something more substantial is taking place as Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah have all seen a rise in local prices.

The national average jumped four cents this past week and is currently a full 32 cents more expensive than prices in Montana.

According to petroleum analyst Patrick Dehaan, the trend of higher prices in Montana is "probably something that will continue for the next few weeks as Montana follows the direction of the national average, which has been rising."

Compared to the rest of Montana, Missoula is rather lucky with prices as low as $2.86 at some gas stations.