I'll be the first to admit I don't have great posture. Faith at Move Missoula gave me some great tips! 

Not only does exercise and working out help you get in shape, tone up but can help your muscle/core strengthen which will help your posture.

Years of not having good posture does take some time to get back to "normal" but Faith at Move Missoula assured me I can and will if I take an active approach in improving it. We started off on checking how I was sitting on my core.

Not only core improvement but sitting on the right part of your butt. Seriously most people sit on the back which curves your spine and can worsen or cause bad posture.

Fath is almost a doctor I feel, she knew so much about my body. Ffrom terms to what it needed to feel like when I was moving to how to improve my body. 4 stars for Faith and Alyssa for being so knowledgeable

Join me in my journey of getting healthy and improving our well being!!