Every Wednesday we are going to have a guest on that will speak about fitness/motivation and helping be able to achieve whatever goal you have for your overall wellness.

This last week of August we will have on the Move Missoula crew who have been helping me with my posture, core and flexibility. They offer a wide range of classes that each do something a little different but also all on the same platform when it comes to form and rhythm.

The ladies at Move are really knowledge, I learned a lot about using my actual abs to do work. When I do a crunch to use them to lift me, at the same time build strength in the ol' yaba dabas. From mat, to barre to reformer or maybe tower? Something for everyone.

Just getting the motivation to do something is hard, but will help and support you will surprised what you can achieve.

Lets learn on Wednesday about Pilates, the barre and how it can help you. Even men do it! My friend John has a back injury and is doing things to stretch it and heal it through Pilates. Find out more about Move Missoula here. Tune in Wednesday for more as well.