Got a kayak? Love to fish Montana Lakes? Then this might be the tourney series for you. Four lakes in northwest Montana will give kayak anglers the chance to participate in early and later season tournaments, staring with the inaugural event May 4 on Whitefish Lake.  Anglers fish the tournaments using their own sit-on-top kayaks, but organizers are working on making rentals available. There is a $50 per angler fee for each event and a one time per season $25 tournament fee. Besides the May 4 event on Whitefish Lake, the other scheduled tournaments are June 1 on Flathead, September 7 on Middle Thompson and October 5 on Foys. Mike Howe, a fishing charter boat owner, is heading the tournaments and he can be reached at (406) 249-0556. Don't catch anything so big it pulls you out to sea, okay? DB