I haven't flown in quite some time, and I'm sure it's gotten even tougher to be a passenger these days.  And when I did fly a bit more often, it was never a priority or some kind of badge of honor to see if I could cram everything into a carry-on. As inconvenient as it could be on occasion, I've always been pretty good about picking things up at baggage claim. Well, that might become an even more typical fact of life if you fly United, and I have to believe other airlines will follow suit. Or is it follow suitcase? Anyway, United Airlines is getting tougher on passengers with oversized carry-on luggage. If the bags don't make the cut, passengers are sent back to the ticket counter. They'll have to check their bags AND pay another $25. Complaints from passengers include suggesting United is just trying to charge more (natural reaction). United says they are just trying to speed up the boarding process. Let's face it, in our society, air travel is a lot of hurry up and wait. That's just the way it is. I'd just as soon wait at baggage claim after the flight instead of waiting in line to get on the plane while someone is trying to stuff the 40-pound bag in the 25-pound compartment. Safe travels, everyone. DB