It's a battle for bragging rights, as Griz-Cat fever is heating up before the big game! A couple months ago Bozeman presented their version of Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup," which they titled "Blue Bobcat Cup." Some Cat fans started whispering about whether Missoula could top their spirited video, which, yes, touts that the Cats are better than the Griz.

Well, don't worry Griz fans... we found the answer! Yes, yes we can top that video!

Our friends at Content Monkeys teamed up with local artist Komodo Jones to produce "Keep It Grizzly," an original song. The music video, which was over a year in the making, features footage from Griz football games, 2012 Homecoming, all the local high school pep bands, Missoula scenery — and even footage of the 107.5 Zoo FM studio.

So here's where the challenge comes in Griz fans — "Blue Bobcat Cup" has received more than 27,000 YouTube views since being posted in September. That's a lot of views... but we think we can top that!

We are re-posting the "Blue Bobcat Cup" video and debuting "Keep It Grizzly" right here on our website. The video that gets the most views by kickoff of the Griz-Cat football game Saturday, Nov. 17 will be crowned the winner. Bragging rights will also be given to the one that wins our poll below, " ."

Help us beat the Bobcats online before we beat them on the field Nov. 17.

Pretty sweet, huh? Now, let's see Bozeman do their thing on the next page. Our advice? If you are a hardcore Griz fan, don't even bother clicking play on the video provided in the link below..