I just love love Rock Creek, especially when it includes fishing, great company, great food and animals! Find out what is working on Rock Creek.

Many people are having issues with the river's being blown but you can find some super sweet spots on Rock Creek right now! Salmon Flies are plentiful, so much so be prepared for one or two to stick to your neck or hair. That mean some good fishing to be had.

I always go with my friend John Staats from Rock Creek Mercantile when I go there. He was able to land a very nice brown on a "Cat Puke" which you can find at the Merc. Also the Chubby Chernobyle's are hot right now in RC. Stay close to the bank or get in a raft and you are golden!  

So now you are wondering where is my fish at? Ha Ha well I don't usually get skunked but I am just really getting into Fly Fishing in the last year. I'm not the best dry flier, prefer nymphing but tried my hand at dry flying and didn't have much luck landing anything, had a few pop ups but freaked out and yanked my fly. Lesson to all new fly fishers. Also I wore shorts, another no no and got into a batch of Nettles, which is greenery that causes your skin to burn and itch on contact...to say the least I had legs of fire! Ouch!

We ended the evening at Grandma Carolyn's house for a " Pig Out", which was amazing!!. She is famous in the Rock Creek area and you can here her every Friday on the " Catching the Big One" show.