What a goofy facial expression, huh? :-) One of the many highlights of vacation was a day of fishing last week on Flathead Lake. My good friend Bob Culp, stepson Gabe, wife Jennifer and I hit the water early on a hot, calm day, leaving Polson for just a bit north of the "narrows" near Bird Island, where we anchored in about 100 feet of water for a chance to haul in some lake trout. We were using dead bait set-ups---pike minnows with sinkers and hooks attached and sent to the bottom.  The fishing was hardly fast and furious but finally Bob hooked a big one. It was a beauty and fortunately we were able to revive it and send it on its way. Then it was my turn. I knew I got ahold of a pretty decent one, but was still a bit surprised, especially with the bowling ball-sized head on that thing. Now, it was possibly a keeper...you need to be careful with the slot limit regulations on lake trout, but at about 36 and a half inches or so...well, maybe. A good 17 or 18  pounds, too. But catch and release was the order of the day on the hogs, but we did keep a couple in that 22-24 inch class, one of which Gabe caught. So a memorable day and can't wait to get after 'em again soon!  DB