Between Missoula and the Idaho border sits a fisherman’s paradise, the Bonanza Lakes. These more than 40 lakes are nestled in the northern Bitterroot mountain range and are just waiting for you to explore them. Grab your hiking gear, tent and fishing pole, and head west to any one of these lakes for a great weekend escape or week long camping excursion. These lakes are a great getaway for those who want to enjoy nature.

If you want to enjoy nature, but don’t want to be the only people for miles around, then you should find your way to a couple of the most popular lakes in Mineral County, Diamond Lake and Cliff Lake. These lakes are among the easiest to access, and therefore they have the most visitors on average. Either of these lakes would be a great place to spend a long, relaxing weekend.

If you are looking for an event that is a little less relaxing, and a little more dirty, then look no farther than Mineral County. Montana Mudfest is just what it sounds like, a three day long mud party. Events at this festival of dirt range from mud wrestling and beer pong to bikini contests and mud drags. A live band will also be on hand too. This year’s Montana Mudfest will be held June 21-23 in Haugan.

Find New Roads Contest

Photo courtesy of Jason Schuyler

If you haven’t submitted your entry for the Find New Roads contest yet, be sure to do it soon. A prize package will be given away on June 24 for the best entry so far. The winner will receive two VIP passes and camping to Headwaters Country Jam. The winner will also be entered to win the grand prize, which is worth $2,500 and includes outdoor gear from Bob Ward & Sons, and a weekend getaway from Karl Tyler Chevrolet at the Lemhi River with world-class fishing on a private estate.

All you have to do to enter to win the grand prize is snap a photo while you’re out on your adventures this summer and submit it using the form below.

*To ensure that we get your photo, please make sure that the file name of your photo does not have an special characters or spaces.

If you're having trouble with the upload tool, you may also submit your entry by emailing To be considered for a prize, emailed entries must include all of the same information from the fields above.

This blog is sponsored by Karl Tyler Chevrolet. Visit Karl Tyler Chevrolet at 3636 North Reserve Street, Missoula, MT 59808 or call 866-492-3671 for more information about the Find New Roads campaign and how you could win a getaway of a lifetime from Karl Tyler Chevrolet and Bob Ward & Sons.