This would be pretty cool. Just think about sitting along, say, the Bitterroot River (not right now of course with the flooding).

You're taking in the gorgeous scenery, soaking up the sun, and all of a sudden you see a bottle come floating slowly toward you. You grab the bottle, if for no other reason than to prevent littering, and that's when you see a piece of paper inside!

Not only did this happen to a woman sitting along the bank of the Pearl River in Mississippi, but AP tells us the message in the bottle was nearly 30 years old. And what was inside was adorable.

The message was dated Feb. 10, 1989. It said, "Our names are Tony and Chris Taylor. I am 4 years old and Chris is 2 years old."  We assume maybe an adult helped them write this, but it went on to say that they hope someone finds the bottle and God love the reader of the message. And the little kiddos signed their names.

The gal who found the bottle is trying to find the family through social media, but so far, no success. Do you think maybe she should just send a message in a bottle instead?



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