As first responders, Missoula police find themselves in a lot of odd situations. Recently, an officer was called out to an unusual crime involving weaponized meat...

"We had a report on September the 24th, that at about 7:47 in the evening an unknown suspect threw a salami through his kitchen window at his residence in the 1800 block of Sherwood," said Missoula Police Public Information officer Travis Welsh.

Police investigated, but the case of the window shattered on Sherwood Street by a sailing sausage is still unsolved.

"There are no known suspects," Welsh said. "The complainant reported that when he got up to look outside he saw an unknown male get into a gold colored car and leave the area, however, he did not see specifically who threw the salami. The responding officer did search the area for the gold colored vehicle, however it was not located and and there are no other leads to follow."

In case you're wondering, throwing a salami threw a window is indeed a crime. According to Welsh, if a suspect were caught they could be charged with misdemeanor or felony Criminal Mischief, depending on the value of the window that was destroyed.

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