You may have noticed Yellowstone filming in and around Missoula recently - it's been very cool to see locations like the Courthouse or Ruby's Cafe get used as filming spots, and I'm sure plenty of Missoulians are looking forward to watching the upcoming season of the show and spotting the places they recognize. And many more Missoulians are taking that extra step and working on being ON the show.

Yes, Yellowstone is still seeking local extras for the show. They've been continually posting updates on their Facebook page describing the roles they need, and I've been following along trying to get in there myself. Someone in our building actually ended up being an extra about a month ago, and it definitely sounds like something I'd like to try out, too.

Right now, they're looking for extras in a few different categories: small town men and women age 25-60 with a car or truck; activists in a wide variety of ages for an animal rights protest scene; and press/reporters age 25-55. They'll have everyone undergo a COVID-19 test a few days beforehand, and the work days scheduled are 10/19 and 10/20.

If you want to submit and try to be on the show, submit your:

Phone number
Sizes (men - shirt size pant waist length shoe) (women - bustxwasitxhip size pant dress shoe size)
Town you live in
Please email us current photos
And send all that to, writing in the role you're applying for in the subject line. Will you be trying to get in on this?

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