This Yellowstone video by John Pittman makes me want to visit. This video was just put together last month and from wildlife to hot pools, this winter wonderland isn't too far from us.

It looks like him and his wife took a little ride in Yellowstone. Which be reminded it is open in the winter. It becomes a cool place to see when it is less busy and a little more quiet. That's the feeling I get with this video here. Bison and bears playing in the snow.

They have things called "Snow Coaches", or "Snow Yachts". Old Faithful snowmobile tours and more. Still plenty of time to visit too this winter. North, South, East and West entrances all have outfitters for winter fun.

Never been but Mammoth Campground is also open year round too. Plenty of lodging there too, I visited Cooke City years ago, and that is an area that is also fun during the winter.

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