We’ve been hearing a lot about what Ronnie Dunn is up to.  First solo CD, first solo performance of his new song “Bleed Red” at the ACMs, first solo tour (ticket information for the Lumberjack here).  But what about his former partner Kix Brooks?  Well, he’s been busy too.

Kix Brooks opened a winery in just south of Nashville in 2007.  It now bottles 20-thousand cases annually.

He just wrapped up a small acting role in “Thriftstore Cowboy” and is about to get started on another movie, “The Last Ride”, where he will play the leading man.

And…he’s working on his first solo album.  He says he’s about halfway through recording it.

Ronnie Dunn Live: Friday, 7pm at The Lumberjack Saloon, 7000 Graves Creek RD Lolo, MT 59847. $35 ($45 day of show); buy your tickets through griztx.com or at the gate.

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